How to deal with the problem of Bearing Overheating of automatic pipe bending machine?


Due to the progress and development of science and technology, there are many special pipe bending machine equipment in the market. A wide variety of pipe bending machine equipment with complete models inject new vitality into the market
① The bearing grease of pipe bending machine is too much or too little;
② The bearing oil of pipe bending machine is poor and contains impurities;
③ Improper fit between bearing and journal or end cover (too loose or too tight);
④ The inner hole of the bearing is eccentric and rubs with the shaft;
⑤ The motor end cover or bearing cover of the pipe bending machine is not installed flat;
⑥ The coupling between the motor and the load is not corrected, or the belt is too tight;
⑦ Bearing clearance is too large or too small;
⑧ The motor shaft is bent.
2. Troubleshooting
① Add lubricating grease as required (1 / 3-2 / 3 of the volume);
② Replace the clean lubricating grease;
③ If it is too loose, it can be repaired with adhesive. If it is too tight, it should be turned. Grind the journal or the inner hole of the end cover to make it suitable;
④ Repair the bearing cover and eliminate the friction points;
⑤ Reassemble;
⑥ Recalibrate and adjust the belt tension;
⑦ Replace new bearings;
⑧ Correct the motor shaft of the pipe bending machine or replace the rotor.


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