How to optimize and adjust the single stand reversible cold rolling mill


With the development of cold rolling mill technology, the demand for strip products with high processing value has increased significantly. Major steel mill manufacturers are increasing the competitiveness of the steel market to complete the rolling process. At present, with the continuous development of high speed and automation, the research on high-precision bearing technology is urgent. Based on the R & D project of test system and the integration of single support model of steel plant, the Optimization Research on single support reversible cold mill has been carried out, The practical model and high-precision balance adjustment are obtained.
The current control system is the core of the cold rolling computer system. Its main task is to calculate the optimal control and the operation of rolling production application program. Through the functional structure analysis and design of the process control system module, the data flow chart and process control system of L1 and L3 are designed. It is obvious that the balanced configuration is established from the calculation received from the previous data preparation, and the data is sent through the whole L1 process, This makes the optimization research of cold rolling mill adjustment clearer and implements the time design of modules related to production preparation.
In order to obtain a high-precision model of the cold rolling group, the model will be added to calculate the mathematical model, the regional theoretical elastic recovery and the output thickness calculation model, and display the rolling force calculated after flattening with the uncoupled model derived from the radius, so as to avoid the iterative process of the cold rolling production line, establish the rolling analysis of each model subset and model equation, and use the adaptive theory of smoothing control index, The research on the control relationship of rolling model focuses on the calculation of deformation resistance and the understanding of friction coefficient,
At present, the rolling force model for adjusting the anti deformation force and friction coefficient is established. The data network is used to predict the parameters of the rolling mill and adjust the deviation compensation of the rolling force in an adaptive way. The simulation experiment is carried out in the actual research method, and the simulation results are analyzed in detail. The results verify the feasibility and effectiveness of this method.


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