How to realize roll management in single stand reversible cold rolling mill


With the development of productivity and the progress of science and technology, users have higher and higher requirements for the thickness accuracy of strip steel. However, due to some special steel grades, it is difficult to roll high-precision strip steel if they are cold rolled by fixed frame cold rolling mill. These special steel grades only use these reversible single support cold rolling mills. Cold rolling is necessary for the cold rolling of high-precision strip steel, This is why it is very important to study the reversible cold rolling mill with single support.
Rolling process is the main content of steel plate and strip production technology and the fundamental guarantee for the production capacity, quality and strip quality of rolling mill. Reasonable rolling process can make full use of the capacity of rolling mill equipment, reduce energy consumption, ensure the accuracy of steel plate and strip products and realize the best rolling process. With the development of cold rolling technology, the corresponding cold rolling technology has also been developed, The rolling process cannot meet the production requirements through traditional empirical methods.
Especially in the field of single support investment plant, combined with the level problem of single stand reversible cold rolling mill in steel plant, the optimization of rolling mill program and L2 control system of laminator are studied, which is very important for high improvement, mainly reflected in the theoretical and practical significance of engineering. Therefore, the composition and production process of cold rolling system are analyzed, the functional requirements are analyzed, and L2 control system is designed and designed, Finally, the roll management module is designed and implemented.
Through the experimental analysis, the particle swarm optimization algorithm is finally determined and used as the optimization method of the rolling program of the single support investment plant. Finally, the three basic functions of the initial process function for data preparation, the model and the optimization process function executed by the balance program optimization system are designed. Then, after the data is analyzed, the classes involved in the balance program system are analyzed and classified, The synchronization of initial data preparation program and optimization program, the establishment and implementation of cold rolling program optimization system and the optimization simulation of scheduled treadmill programming.


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