What is the method of eliminating vibration of cold rolling mill?


Today’s cold rolling mills are operated by computer-controlled electromechanical systems. Due to design problems, structural damage or system failures may occur. Under certain conditions or disturbances, continuous self-excited vibrations may occur. The operating failure of the plant seriously affects product quality. , damage equipment or even interrupt production, a comprehensive test based on symmetrical multi-parameters is proposed, and the reasons and methods for eliminating self-excited vibration of cold rolling mills are analyzed experimentally and theoretically.

In the research engineering example, the dynamic characteristics of the mounting structure of the roller space displacement sensor lead to the reduction of the displacement signal response between the rolling pitches, thus causing the self-excited nonlinear vibration, the hydraulic plate thickness control system, and the continuous serious serious Forced vibration, through the modification of the structural dynamics, the reduction time of the displacement feedback signal is minimized, the closed-circuit stability of the system is significantly improved, the self-excited vibration under normal operating conditions is eliminated, which guarantees the efficiency of the cold rolling mill , constantly working, the finishing mill has strong vibration when cold rolling thin gauge container plate.

In order to determine its properties and search for limiting measures, the inherent characteristics of the main drive system and the base system are first calculated, then the main drive system torque, the vibration, the bending moment of the shaft work rolls in the field of the rolling mill are evaluated, and finally the speed of the mill vibration is established , the device has slight torsional vibration, the main form of vibration is the horizontal and vertical vibration of the roller system, the energy in the horizontal direction is much greater than the energy in the vertical direction, they are the horizontal direction of the roller system.

Through the connection of the arc teeth of the collecting shaft, the resonance of the vibration system is supported by rolling, so it is recommended to replace the bending teeth in the form of the shaft in time, and add a copper washer between the bearing seat of the work roll and the cladding plate to eliminate the bearing seat and the arc The gap between the shapes, thereby suppressing the horizontal direction of the vibrating roller system, has been used in many steel production and processing plants.


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