How to make the bending degree of the pipe bending machine higher


In order to make the bending degree of the pipe bending machine higher, the auxiliary hydraulic cylinder can be arranged on the table or slide block to produce the deflection in the opposite direction; Or there is a pivot at each end of the front and back lower beams, and the table is located between the front and back lower beams, and the two ends are supported on the pivot. On this basis, the working plane of the bending machine is processed into a slightly raised middle, which helps to compensate the deflection of the bending table. One of the typical is to use several diagonal wedges to make the working surface of the table bulge; And the wedge is connected with the screw and worm gearing.

According to the different length of the work table, the lower beam of the pipe bending machine is arranged with a number of hydraulic cylinders, and the piston rod is top on the work table. When bending, these hydraulic cylinders feed oil, producing upward pressure on the table, causing the table to produce upward deflection, consistent with the direction of the slider deflection.

Pipe bending machine belongs to one of the forging machinery, with its higher and higher degree of automation, the equipment is widely used in the metal processing industry, involving aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other fields. In addition, the deflection direction of the slide block and the table can be consistent through the placement of the hydraulic cylinder in the pipe bending machine. However, because even the same grade of sheet metal, its mechanical properties are also different, so when the same die and the same punch are used to enter the deep processing of the die, the bending Angle will change because of the difference in mechanical properties of the sheet metal.


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