The maintenance method of pipe bender control system


When selecting the bending action, the automatic pipe bending machine can choose to decompose the action, observe interference points, modify the action, and improve efficiency. The control system of CNC hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine has certain requirements for specifications. The automatic bending machine now has the opportunity to change its previous shape, with high work efficiency and small errors, and is very popular in the market with high requirements for bending processing. The automatic pipe bending machine adopts a CNC system
2、 The fully automatic pipe bending machine has manual operation, automatic operation, programming pictures, and mechanical parameter setting pictures.
III (1) Touch screen display, CNC computer operation, capable of storing 500 sets of memory
(2) Bounce compensation value setting program, program, and processing data confidentiality function
(3) Both feeding and turning angles are servo controlled
(4) The operating system is equipped with passwords, keys, quantity, and time records for easy production management
(5) With slow bending and slow core pulling functions
(6) The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator immediately clean it up
4. The guide rail and steel wire of the hydraulic pipe bending machine should be kept clean and not contaminated. The guide wheel and bearing should be rotated for several tens of seconds before starting to dispose of sewage. When installing the servo motor on the automatic CNC pipe bending machine, do not strike or collide, especially when the movement causes the wire frame and bed surface to move, as this can cause accuracy issues with the pipe bending machine.


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