How to improve the working speed of the pipe bending machine


We all know that CNC pipe benders are mainly used for electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipe laying and repairing. In fact, the specific working purpose of pipe benders is not only for bending. Certain piping functions can sometimes be used to disassemble related piping components. If it can also be used as a hydraulic jacking machine, this can be said to be an expansion of the working capacity of the pipe bender.

  So how to use the pipe bender correctly and ingeniously to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort, the following Xinzhonghe machinery experts will introduce you to the pipe bender ingeniously improving work efficiency:

  The general bending speed of the pipe bender has a speed level. When the pipe is small, use the fastest gear, when the pipe is large, use the slow gear. Like the above speed adjustment method, you can modify it according to the prompt on the control panel. If you want to solve the problem, it is recommended that you buy a CNC automatic pipe bender, which can process about 1000 pipes a day.


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