Introduction to Computer Simulation of Pipe Bending Process of CNC Pipe Bender


The CNC pipe bending machine is an advanced pipe bending processing equipment deployment driven by NC steps. The accuracy of NC steps directly determines the quality and compliance of pipe bending, and the prohibition of accurate pipe bending steps will also lead to production. Disruption. NC-driven NC bending process simulation is one of the most useful methods for checking the accuracy of NC codes. It is different from the widespread application of NC cutting process simulation software in production reality. The physical simulation is held on the tube machine. The physical simulation wastes a lot of catheters, takes up a lot of machine tool time, and the ultimate effect is not easy to survive and share. With the growth of lightweight products, the improvement of tube filling density and the quality and shape of tube bending With the advancement of precision requirements, the application of CNC pipe benders is increasing, and the need for simulation of pipe bending processing is becoming increasingly urgent.

At present, large-scale CAD software UGS (Unigraphic System), I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, etc. have bending pipe processing simulation modules. On the one hand, this method requires a large investment in the purchase of general software, but only some of these modules and modules are commonly used. Efficacy, resulting in a lot of waste of money, and what’s more important is that these general-purpose software can only check the accuracy of the tool position trajectory data in the cutting process. Scholars at the surface of the world have conducted a lot of research on the cutting process simulation and developed A numerically controlled machining process simulation system with affirmative practicability. Research on the simulation of numerically controlled pipe bending processes is rarely involved. At present, VC programming language and OpenGL pavilion-shaped function library are usually used to develop simulation software for numerically controlled pipe bending processes. , To adopt this method to develop the necessary high programming skills and large investment in resources, the natural simulation effect is also difficult to be proud of, especially the performance rate of graphics and the poor continuity of animation.

Considering that CNC pipe bending machining simulation is a small and medium-scale application of three-dimensional modeling. In order to improve the performance-cost ratio of the ultimate product, this paper proposes a method to realize the simulation of CNC pipe bending processing process under the platform of the small and medium-sized three-dimensional CAD software SolidWorks2003. Essentials. Taking the VB series CNC pipe bending machine from EatonLecmard in the United States as an example, the development process of this essential is discussed in detail.


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