How to master the characteristics and advantages of pipe bending machinery


First of all, what is a CNC pipe bending machine? In general, the pipe bender is a general term for a class of machines, which can be divided into more detailed methods. Generally speaking, pipe benders are used in industrial construction more often, and they can be regarded as a relatively important machine. So everyone must understand its use. Don’t know or believe in a half-knowledge, this is a taboo of learning. First of all, we should be clear that as a pipe bender, generally speaking, it can be divided into hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender, etc. Each has its own characteristics and its own scope of use. For everyone , You need to be careful not to confuse these types. So how can we grasp the characteristics and advantages of pipe bending machinery? Xinzhonghe Machinery experts tell you:

  1. The pipe bending arm and the bending spindle are connected into one body, the pipe bending mold axis can be replaced, and the clamping mold can move up and down. This not only has a reasonable structure, but also increases the strength of the mechanical part. It also has a simple structure, which simplifies the electrical circuit.

  1. When entering the last bend, the trolley may collide with the die. At this time, the “interference zone” function can be used, that is, the die returns → the trolley continues to feed → the bending arm returns → the space corner (POB) → the clamping die Clamping→releasing the chuck, the trolley exits the interference zone→compressing the die→bending the pipe. In this way, the bend not only avoids the collision between the trolley and the die, and ensures the smooth completion of the last bend, but also reduces the clamping loss of the material head and reduces the production cost.   3. The elbow head of the pipe bender can move horizontally along the guide rail. This is necessary for the pipe bender to adjust the pipe groove of the bending die to the centerline of the machine tool after the bending die is replaced. This is simpler than adjusting the centerline of the machine tool by adjusting the guide rail and tailstock on the bed.   4. When bending, because the trolley acts as a load, it is pulled forward by the tube. In order to improve the bending, avoid excessive thinning of the wall thickness of the bending part of the tube, reduce springback, and increase the booster device. When bending, the die not only compresses the tube, but is also pushed forward by the thrust to form a side thrust to help the bending.   5. The trolley that completes the linear feeding motion (DBB) is pulled forward by the tube during the bending process of the tube. In this way, the “positive thrust” is removed, thereby eliminating the problem of synchronization between the trolley and the bending speed, and the negative feedback system of the DC motor set to increase the “positive thrust” is removed, and the electrical circuit is simplified. Since the positive thrust is beneficial to the bending of the tube, especially when the tube with a larger diameter is bent, the positive thrust is necessary. Therefore, the VB pipe bender adds a booster device.


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