How to ensure the production efficiency of band sawing machine


Band sawing machines, metal band sawing machines, horizontal and vertical band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, angle band sawing machines, graphite band sawing machines and other equipment are usually used to cut various metals, woods, stones, etc. Different models of band sawing machines are suitable for sawing workpieces of different specifications and materials. How to reasonably use the band sawing machines to ensure the production and processing efficiency of the band sawing machines in the long term?
Maintaining the good operation state of the band saw machine can reduce the failure rate and maintain a stable production efficiency for a long time. The band saw machine operator should check the cutting fluid and hydraulic oil indicators before working every day, fill them up in time, operate the band saw machine according to the specifications for debugging, idle for 3 minutes to check whether all parts of the band saw machine operate normally, oil each smooth point and guide surface of the band saw machine, and add oil once a shift to the big gear The bearing shall be greased once a week to ensure the smooth lubricating oil circuit of the band saw machine. The wearing parts of the band saw machine shall be replaced in a timely manner. The bolts and nuts of each part shall be checked and fastened weekly. The daily inspection and maintenance of the band saw machine are the most important.
The band sawing machine shall be cleaned every day, and the iron chips in the operating table and the sawing frame shall be disposed in time to prevent the surface damage of the gear and band saw blade caused by the accumulation of foreign matters, reduce the wear of the band saw blade and the guide block, maintain the good state of the band saw machine and band saw blade, reduce the failure rate, which can effectively extend the life of the band saw machine and band saw blade, and save energy and materials for the enterprise.
The band saw blade is a commonly used consumable in sawing. After a period of use, the saw teeth of the band saw blade will be blunt. At this time, a new band saw blade should be replaced. If the band saw blade with poor quality or excessively worn is used for sawing, it will cause the band saw blade to be scrapped, the surface of the cutting workpiece to be rough, etc. The band saw blade has a variety of tooth shapes to adapt to workpieces of different sizes. If the tooth pitch does not match the surface of the workpieces, the sawing efficiency will be low or stuck, If the user has replaced a new workpiece, please contact the professional of the band saw machine and band saw blade to consult whether this type of saw blade can cut new workpieces, and select a suitable band saw blade to maintain and improve the production efficiency.


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