What is the difference between different types of band saws?


Various types of band sawing machines and circular sawing machines commonly used in the market are usually used for sawing various metals, stones, woods, etc. The band sawing machine uses the endless circular band saw blade as the sawing tool for reciprocating motion, while the circular saw machine uses the rotation of the saw blade for sawing; At present, with the advantages of high cost performance ratio, complete functions, cost saving, and meeting the production efficiency needs of most enterprises, band sawing machines occupy the leading position in domestic sawing; The technical content and output of the circular sawing machine are more excellent. The production needs of each purchasing enterprise are different. The appropriate equipment should be selected according to the sawing materials and efficiency needs of their own side. Both band saws have their own ideal space to play.
1、 Metal band sawing machine
The categories of metal band sawing machines include horizontal band sawing machines, vertical band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, high-speed band sawing machines, angle band sawing machines and other metal sawing equipment. The operation modes include manual control, semi-automatic control, and full-automatic control. With the development of science and technology, the full-automatic sawing machines in the market have become the mainstream choice of most enterprises. The full-automatic CNC band sawing machines, intelligent high-speed band sawing machines, and CNC angle band sawing machines can be customized, It has higher accuracy and sawing speed than manual operation. The computer monitors the sawing process, controls the speed and feed speed of the saw blade, and avoids violent sawing and damage to the bed. It is suitable for rapid and accurate mass production and continuous cutting. It protects the life of the band saw blade and greatly improves the production efficiency, which is conducive to saving more costs for enterprises.
2、 Circular sawing machine
The circular sawing machine is generally equipped with a fully automatic CNC device, which is more efficient in sawing copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. It has higher sawing accuracy than the conventional band sawing machine, stable feeding, and more convenient operation. The outer layer of the whole machine is protected, environmentally friendly, and beautiful. It can prevent most potential safety hazards. It is equipped with overload detection, fault alarm and other devices, which can quickly diagnose the failures of the circular sawing machine during operation, and facilitate daily maintenance, But the price is generally higher than that of band sawing machine.


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