Advantages of custom graphite band sawing machine


Customized graphite band saw machine is developed to meet the growing production efficiency and special cutting needs of enterprises, which can bring higher profits for enterprises, achieve sawing effects such as faster speed, higher precision, larger bearing capacity, stronger power, lower failure rate, reducing labor, improving production and reducing costs. After the launch of customized graphite band saw machine, it was quickly recognized by many enterprises at home and abroad, and received a large number of customized orders of graphite saw machine.

According to the different enterprise sawing workpiece specifications, workpiece size span, different production needs, etc., Jifeng technical team will do its best to tailor for enterprises to create a suitable graphite band sawing machine, usually customized graphite band sawing machine contain programmable technology, with CNC, intelligent, simple, support semi-automatic, automatic operation mode, Many forms of production demand has brought a wide range of usability, customized graphite band saw machine implementation of automatic high-precision feeding, intelligent saw cutting, automatic speed regulation, conducive to mass production continuous cutting, according to the intelligent detection of saw resistance changes to adjust the cutting, feed speed, conducive to improve the band saw blade 40% of the service life, It solves the loss of band saw blade and workpiece caused by non-standard manual operation in the past, which is conducive to saving cost for enterprises in the long run


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