How to control the temperature and bending degree of pipe bending machine


With the development of my country’s pipe bending machine industry and the continuous update of technology, it has also brought a lot of convenience to our daily life. A variety of automatic pipe bending machine varieties continue to fill the market vacancies and meet various needs At present, the main varieties of pipe benders on the market mainly include CNC automatic pipe benders, semi-automatic pipe benders and manual pipe benders. There will still be some small problems in product processing, which means that there are still many technical problems to be solved in the bending process, such as how to control the temperature and bending degree during the bending process, and listen to the tube bending machine experts for everyone. 

During the processing of the product, when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the surface of the product will be deformed to a certain extent, so that the surface of the product will appear a lot of fine cracks. In fact, this problem is not only due to temperature, but also It may be caused by the problem of the bending pipe processing materials. The high-speed deformation of the product during the processing will cause the processing equipment to be damaged.

The crack formation conditions, we all know that the length of the crack can reach the longitudinal axis perpendicular to the grain boundary during the processing of the product, that is, perpendicular to the stretched pipe clamp. After the heat treatment, the product needs to be bent, and the surface of the product is micro Cracks will become crystal drag. Generally, the mechanics of bending pipe processing equipment and the situation of micro-cracks are studied. The tensile strength of the product will not be affected at the indoor temperature.

When the pipeline is transported and processed, the bending direction of different products with different radii and angles will also change. Such products have become an indispensable part of the engineering pipeline. If the wall thickness of the product changes and bends Changes in the mechanical properties of the product will affect the quality of the product, and the technology of the product is very important when the product is processed.

In fact, pipe bending machining technology is very important. During the processing, we must ensure the processing temperature and the degree of bending of the product, because most of the surface cracks on the product are affected by the temperature during the processing. The higher the temperature The number of micro-cracks that appear will gradually increase, and a small part is due to the micro-cracks that appear on the surface of the product during thermal bending.


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