What are the characteristics of aluminum profile extrusion plant?


When the aluminum profile extrusion machine is used for reverse extrusion, the metal flow state is very different from that of forward extrusion. There is no relative displacement between the central layer and the peripheral area of the metal ingot. The metal flow is much more uniform than that of forward extrusion. The reverse extrusion has the following flow and deformation characteristics. When the extruder is operated, the deformation area of the metal is close to the die surface and the plastic deformation area is very small, How to understand the use characteristics of alumium extrusion machine?
Now, experiments show that the height of the compression cone in the deformation zone does not exceed 0.3 °, and the metal behind the deformation zone does not deform. Only a very small metal flow dead angle is generated near the die surface, and the metal in the dead angle hardly participates in the deformation. Significant transverse flow will occur only when there are few ingots left in the extrusion cylinder at the end of extrusion. Therefore, It is difficult to block the impurities and defects on the billet surface, which easily leads to the deterioration of product surface quality. The plastic deformation area in the reverse extrusion process is only concentrated near the die hole, which greatly reduces the non-uniformity of product deformation, especially along the length direction.
Therefore, the cross-sectional structure of backward extruded products is much more uniform than that of forward extruded products. When the extruder is backward extruded, the edge of the billet has no strong additional shear deformation caused by strong friction, the upper surface layer of the billet is blocked in the dead corner near the die surface, and the slightly deeper metal can directly flow into the surface layer of the extruded products, And there is no reflow of the tail metal.
The aluminum extruder adopts water seal extrusion. The product has fine metal structure, high tensile strength, fast cooling speed and good ductility. Due to the characteristics of metal, the cooling deformation of extruded pipe blank is uneven and the quenching deformation is large, which will lead to large bending of pipe blank in the water tank. It can be solved by limiting and adjusting the water temperature by mechanical device.


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