Safety precautions for operation of pipe bending machine at different stages


Automatic pipe bending machine is a kind of multi-step programming function, but also can realize automatic operation, can greatly help improve production efficiency. Because the hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts steel plate welding structure, the stress can be eliminated during vibration. There is a high quality imported sealing ring, so it is relatively stable, but also reliable. The main working mode of most pipe bending machines is the upper piston press. Its driving force has obvious characteristics, which has a great relationship with the production process of pipe bending machine molds. But it is undeniable that the production safety of pipe bending machine is higher, and the safety matters needing attention in normal use include the following:

The working characteristic of the automatic pipe bending machine is that the pressure is formed by two parallel working hydraulic cylinders. The pressure is vertical downward, and the pressure can drive the bending beam mold for bending work. The typical bending process of the upper bending beam has several stages and links, including downward movement, static state and decompression, return and so on:

One: downward motion

The downward fast closing movement of the ordinary pipe bending machine is generally free falling, that is, by the weight of the bender itself to produce movement; However, the production of CNC pipe bending machine is not so, but the use of hydraulic cylinder rodless cavity to generate pressure, so the fast forward speed can reach 250mm/s, more suitable for the production of larger strength of the mold.

Fast forward movement from the top dead point, at the end of the can be through a short brake, for example, bending a certain distance after the end of the plate, specific can be adjusted according to the different requirements of mold manufacturing.

Two: static state

Automatic pipe bending machine is the dead point of the upper bending beam in the static position. This state is designed to prevent uncontrolled downward movement and reduce safety risks.

Three: decompression

The depressurization of the rodless cavity or after the holding time when the bottom dead point is reached can further improve the precision of the parts. Pressure maintenance and decompression can be directed by proportional directional valves. According to the need to customize the running cycle time, decompression can be as short as possible, but the decompression curve is not allowed to be too steep, as smooth as possible.

Four: return

A large return velocity is involved, which depends mainly on the pump flow rate and the rod cavity bearing area of the hydraulic cylinder. In general, the return trip is more efficient the closer you get to the fast speed. The return journey must also be synchronized.

Five: stamping and bending

Then a stage is stamping and bending, which is a key link in the production of pipe bending machine mold, but also the last link, stamping speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump, but also by the proportional valve direction valve to adjust the manual intervention.


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