How to choose the type and model of hydraulic pipe bending machine on demand


With the level of scientific and technological skills and the production and processing requirements of enterprises, our pipe processing machine tools and equipment have become more and more active, including pipe bending machines, CNC fully active pipe bending machines, pipe blanking equipment, fully active pipe cutting machines that have realized active loading and unloading, and high-speed servo drive for pipe end forming equipment and pipe shrinking machine, Realize all controlled machining machines. The hydraulic pipe bending machine is an all steel welding mechanism, which is hydraulically driven, vibration eliminates stress, high mechanical strength and good rigidity. The hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts the main oil cylinder (firmly on the wall panel) for downward shearing and nitrogen cylinder return, so the hydraulic system is simplified and the operation is more stable.
Pipe processing machinery and equipment pipe bending equipment includes CNC pipe bending machine, full-automatic pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, manual pipe bending machine, single head pipe bending machine, double head pipe bending machine, etc., as well as a series of special machine equipment adopted by different models, sizes and industry needs.
The hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts NC control system and PLC control system, and the model and size are selected according to the different use environment of the industry. Generally, in the furniture manufacturing industry, the dw38nc single head hydraulic pipe bending machine and dw50nc are mostly used, while the sw38nc double head hydraulic pipe bending machine is used, The one-time forming of U-bend can not only improve the efficiency of elbow, but also ensure the flatness of elbow.
However, in heavy industries such as boiler industry or shipbuilding industry, the demand for pipe bending machines is different, because considering the thick wall of pipe fittings and generally large-diameter pipes, the power requirements for hydraulic pipe bending machines will be larger, and dw114nc single head hydraulic pipe bending machines or dw130nc hydraulic pipe bending machines are common. The large-scale hydraulic pipe bending machine has high production efficiency, and the cold bending forming does not need the heating of pipe fittings, which is more conducive to the production requirements.
The types of hydraulic pipe bending machines used in auto parts are generally dw50nc single head hydraulic pipe bending machines and dw-89nc hydraulic pipe bending machines. Considering that the pipe diameter is generally about 50mm to less than 70mm. At present, due to the high requirements for pipe fittings and elbows on auto parts pipelines, we generally recommend using the same model of CNC pipe bending machine or full-automatic pipe bending machine for automatic bending of multiple elbows, which can ensure the production accuracy of pipe fittings and improve the efficiency of pipe bending production.


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