Do you understand the operation process and common problems of pipe bending machines?


Like any machine, the pipe bending machine will have one or another problems in use. For example, there will be some problems in the processing of all kinds of pipes, such as springback at the bend corner, wrinkling, bulge and drag marks. Today, Taiwan and mechanical experts will tell you about the common problems in the operation process of the full-automatic pipe bending machine, When actually operating the pipe bending machine, we must pay attention to:
1. When starting the full-automatic pipe bending machine, pay attention not to enter the area swept by the rotating arm. During the operation of the NC lathe, all staff are prohibited from entering the indoor space swept by the rotating arm and pipes. Ya-n32 general gear oil is selected for the hydraulic transmission system of the NC lathe. Under normal circumstances, it is replaced many times over the years, and the oil filter must be cleaned together.
2. When adjusting abrasives, the adjuster should press the button to adjust. One person should not adjust on the CNC lathe. Others should actually operate on the control box. When adjusting the CNC lathe or driving empty, the core rod should be removed. In the actual operation of hydraulic transmission system, we must also pay attention to the size of working pressure.
3. On the other hand, it is strictly prohibited to push sideways when the pushing speed exceeds the angular speed of the edge of the rotating abrasive tool. Generally, after the equipment is applied for a period of time, the tension level of the transmission chain shall be checked to maintain the same tightness of the upper, lower, left and right transmission chains.
4. During the actual operation of the full-automatic pipe bending machine, in the core bending mode, before the bending arm returns, the actual operating staff must ensure that the core head is in the water pipe or that the core rod is not blocked when the bending arm returns, so as to prevent the core head or core rod from being bent or broken by the sheet metal.


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