How is the rolling mill in metallurgical industry dedusting?


As is known to all, the rolling mill will produce a certain amount of iron oxide powder falling off in the process of rolling products, and a small amount of water vapor will be produced when cooling, and the flue gas will be produced when burning lubricating oil. The main components of dust are iron oxide, iron trioxide, water and oil smoke. In the meantime, dust contains a lot of liquid phase composition such as water, oil, have sticky, moist and exquisite characteristic.

At present, in rolling mill is used to deal with dust dust removal equipment, pulse bag filter is very easy to oil and water cut and congestion because of the dust filter bag. Because the dust contains oil and water, the dust adhesion increases, and the collecting effect of dry electrostatic precipitator decreases sharply. Due to the poor adaptability of wet electrostatic dust removal to dust, the change of dust content, particle size and specific resistance in flue gas will change its dust removal efficiency, resulting in unstable exhaust concentration. At the same time, the process of dedusting rolling mill, due to the limitation of the site, has not been very good application; Cyclone dust removal equipment can not be selected because of poor dust removal effect, large volume and other factors. Wet dust collector covers a large area, the sewage treatment system is huge, the treatment effect is not stable, resulting in the rolling mill dust purification after the discharge concentration is not stable, can not be well promoted.

The plastic burning plate dust remover used for the rolling mill dust removal is a new generation of ultra-efficient dust remover developed and produced abroad nearly 20 years ago. For the dust with particle size greater than 1μm, its collection efficiency is up to 99.9%, and the emission concentration is less than 5mg/m3. Due to the unique plastic burning plate filter accessories, the plate acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, general service life of more than 10 years. At the same time, the overall structure of the plastic burning board is compact, the layout between the boards is reasonable, the overall volume is about 1/3~1/6 of the bag type dust collector, the special structure and surface form of the plastic burning board dust collector can greatly reduce the dust removal equipment covers an area.


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