Classification standard of rolling mill and difference of different pressure


Rolling mill is the object explained below. Because it is one of the website products and keywords, I will learn and understand it so that everyone can have a comprehensive understanding of it. Then, in order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, we will continue this work. At the same time, I hope you can get some new gains and inspiration from it.
1. Rolling mill, if you simply understand it, what is it?
Rolling mill, if simply understood, is a mechanical equipment, which is mainly used in the machining industry. Its simple explanation is: rolling mill is a kind of equipment that can press different metal blanks into a certain shape. Therefore, it can be used to make various profiles and blanks, and get the expected shape.
2. What are the specific classification standards for rolling mills?
Classify rolling mills, specifically:
If classified according to the processing mode of plates, the rolling mill can be divided into hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill, and this is also its common classification method;
If divided by plate thickness, the rolling mill can be divided into medium plate rolling mill and medium plate rolling mill;
If divided by stand, the rolling mill can be divided into single stand rolling mill, double stand rolling mill and multi stand rolling mill;
If divided according to the material production process, the rolling mill can be divided into continuous rolling mill and reversible rolling mill;
According to the historical development process of rolling mill, there are two kinds of rolling mill: traditional hot continuous rolling mill and continuous casting continuous rolling mill.
3. Can rolling mill be widely defined? In addition, is there any difference between up pressure and down pressure on the rolling mill?
Rolling mill can be broadly defined, generally refers to the equipment that can complete the whole process of rolling production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and auxiliary equipment. However, we usually refer to the rolling mill as the main equipment. The up and down pressure in the rolling mill is different, mainly for the type and value of the roll.


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