How to choose aluminum profile extrusion press machine correctly


In the face of the growing complexity of the aluminum section shape and size, and extruding machine as the main equipment of aluminum alloy production, directly affecting the exterior of the aluminum quality and size precision, a good aluminum extrusion machine, can be very good economic benefits to the enterprise, as the extrusion press toward the direction of large-scale and automation, more and more is also high to the requirement of extrusion machine, How to choose the right aluminum equipment, aluminum extrusion equipment manufacturers common problem, the following provides some extruder selection principles, only supply and demand for reference.

1. Select according to the model

Extruder can be according to the different structure, transmission mode and function of use can be divided into different kinds, oil pressure, water pressure, vertical, horizontal, forward extrusion, backward extrusion, etc., when choosing the type of extrusion press, and type of aluminum alloy can be use as a reference, such as aluminum extrusion 6063 – T5 industry, can choose positive single-acting horizontal extruder; Extrusion soft alloy pipe, can choose forward double action horizontal extruder. Enterprises should choose the right extruder according to their own production and economic conditions. In actual industrial production, the most common application is the forward single action horizontal hydraulic press.

2. Select according to the extrusion ability

Will extruder type determine later, will choose the extruder extrusion capacity, extruding machine according to the ability can be divided into heavy, large, medium and small size extrusion machine, extrusion capacity by calculation, the size of the according to their own production conditions, technical level, equipment conditions and conditions of sale as the basis, calculate the annual production parameters such as time, per hour of work, To calculate the annual production capacity of the extruder, because the size of the output and the size of the section decide which extruder to choose, the extrusion capacity of different alloy components is not the same, the extrusion pressure required for ordinary aluminum profiles is 250-400mpa, the extrusion pressure required for hollow aluminum profiles is 450-1000mpa, the extrusion pressure required for pure aluminum extrusion Z is small, For 150-250 mpa. There is also a great difference in the extrusion method, the forward extrusion is 1/3 larger than the reverse extrusion.

3, according to the grade of extruder selection

After the binomial extruder type and extrusion capacity are determined, it is necessary to determine the grade of the extruder. According to the product positioning and budget of aluminum profile manufacturers to determine, if the enterprise production of aluminum profile products for the middle, you can choose the domestic extruder; If it is positioned as a high-end product, it is necessary to choose the imported extruder. No matter what grade of extruder is selected, it should be determined according to its own actual conditions.


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