How to improve the accuracy of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines are divided into forward extrusion and reverse extrusion. At present, most of them use forward extrusion. The scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic press. We should analyze from the structure of the extruder: we usually divide the extruder into three parts: master cylinder, medium plate (extrusion barrel) and extrusion rod.

The master cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil is transmitted to the small piston through the big piston. The aluminum alloy profiles of doors and windows push the extrusion rod, and the heated aluminum rod is pushed into the extrusion barrel. After the aluminum extruder manufacturer reaches the exhaust pressure and the national standard industrial aluminum profile force, the extrusion barrel retreats and exhausts, and then advances to connect with the mold cavity. After reaching the discharge pressure, the aluminum equipment manufacturer’s extrusion rod advances at the same time, and the aluminum in the extrusion barrel is sent to the mold shunt hole, The aluminum alloy flows out slowly through the mold.

The longitudinal and transverse levelness of the base guide rail shall not exceed 0.05/1000; After the installation or major and medium repair of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, attention must be paid to the parallelism of the two guide rails: the aluminum profile manufacturer should also detect and adjust the installation accuracy on the full length of the guide rail to make it meet the relevant accuracy standards or design requirements that exceed 0.1mm degrees.

When there is precision, how can aluminum profile manufacturers improve the speed of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line? Depending on the tonnage of the extruder, the complexity of the die section shape, the heating temperature of the aluminum rod and other factors, the speed can be improved to a certain extent.


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