How to measure the rebound number of pipe bending machine when bending pipe?


How to measure the number of pipe rebound when bending the pipe bending machine: when the external force is withdrawn, the bent pipe part is restored to the original condition, the measured bending Angle of the pipe is smaller than the required bending Angle, which is commonly known as the pipe rebound. When bending is formed, the metal material is deformed by force and bent into an Angle.

There are many factors affecting the rebound, which is a complex problem. Bending different materials, different diameters, different bending radii, using different tooling and adjusting the process parameters used in the bender will affect the pipe spring back. But after the machine to adjust process parameters (bending radius, bending speed, clamping force, etc.) have been identified, and it is a material in bending the pipe, the determination of bending Angle and the relationship between the rebound, thus simplifies the some factors that influence the springback to bend pipe bender, the arm of the Angle and pipe bending Angle as a linear relationship, This is a simple and practical way to determine rebound.


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