Have you ever broken a band saw blade?


In the sawing work, you may encounter the situation that the band saw blade is broken. The tool commonly used for sawing metal is bimetallic band saw blade. Bimetallic band saw blade is an important part in the sawing work and is also a consumable. After a period of use, the serrate of bimetallic band saw blade will become blunt due to wear. When the serrate is no longer sharp, the cutting resistance will become larger, resulting in similar phenomena such as clamping teeth and fracture.

In the second case: Band saw machine operators did not adjust the sawing parameters, which is related to the professional proficiency of band saw machine operators, should be in accordance with the specification of correct operation, not blindly increase the feed or cutting speed, in the sawing also to control the tightness of the band saw blade, to avoid violent sawing situation, usually sawing failure 90% is caused by operating error, with the development of technology, Nowadays, CNC automatic band saw machine in the market can automatically feed, automatic detection, intelligent saw cutting, intelligent speed regulation, automatic cleaning, can improve the life of band saw blade, band saw machine, and double the production efficiency growth.

The third case may be the wrong choice of bimetallic band saw tooth type, different enterprises saw workpiece size, hardness, thickness are different, the applicable bimetallic band saw blade type is naturally different, bimetallic band saw blade has a variety of tooth type, such as: Strong teeth, tensile teeth, turtback teeth, hook teeth, etc., we should consider whether the choice of bimetallic band saw blade tooth type is suitable for sawing this kind of material, it is recommended that you choose the bimetallic band saw blade, Wonsten this kind of famous brand with strict quality control and after-sales protection, and provide professional technical services throughout the process.


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