intelligent high speed band sawing machine


Intelligent high speed band sawing machine belongs to automatic metal cutting equipment, according to the workpiece of different materials, size, shape set a single or multiple groups of directional sawing machine parameters after automatic production, intelligent high-speed band sawing machine to save materials, reduce the amount of secondary processing and improve production efficiency and other needs and development, leading technology, Now it is widely used in steel, machinery, building materials, automobiles, shipbuilding, mining, aviation, aerospace and other fields of the national economy.

Intelligent high-speed band sawing machine is suitable for enterprise continuous batch production needs, high-speed sawing machine has a wide range of applications, sawing machine cutting forms, with high efficiency, precision, convenient operation, low failure rate, energy saving and other advantages are highly recognized by buyers at home and abroad, intelligent high-speed band sawing machine therefore establishes a stable industry influence, Next, Xiaobian takes the performance of our H-350 intelligent high-speed band sawing machine as an example:

1. H-350 intelligent high-speed band sawing machine is controlled by PLC and displayed by touch screen. The color intelligent man-machine interface of the sawing machine is easy to understand and easy to operate.

2. Sawing machine adopts double column gantry structure sawing stability, hydraulic cylinder drive, flexible lifting.

3. Sawing machine is equipped with intelligent sawing program, intelligent saw can automatically detect the workpiece material, detect the force change in the sawing process and automatically adjust the sawing speed, at the same time according to the material properties set pulse chip breaking device, avoid excessive pressure on the saw back, protect the stable operation of band saw blade and band saw machine, prevent excessive wear of each part of the sawing machine, prevent violent sawing, It can greatly improve the service life of band saw and save cost for enterprises.

4. Intelligent high-speed band sawing machine with servo motor, grating ruler as the core of the precise feeding control system, linear guide guide, reduce resonance, improve processing accuracy.

5. High-speed band sawing machine is equipped with steel brush type chip cleaning to ensure that the sawdust is thoroughly cleaned. At the same time, optional spiral chip removal device can be used to discharge the sawdust generated into a special box for unified treatment, so as to achieve environmental protection and no pollution.


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