Applicable space of band saw with scissors structure


The scissor-type band saw machine is a branch of the horizontal band saw machine. The band saw machines with different configurations and models have suitable application space according to the different sawing needs of the purchaser. In the sawing industry, the scissor-type band saw machine is usually used to cut small materials. The scissor-type band saw machine adopts the structure of large and small double columns, with special design. The saw frame on one side of the saw machine can be automatically lifted to facilitate material feeding. The main drive system of the saw machine is composed of worm gear reducer engine It is composed of belt pulley, driving wheel and other parts. The worm gear reducer is directly connected with the main drive, and the drive is stable without impact. The speed of the driving wheel of the band saw machine is adjusted by the belt, so as to meet the cutting of different materials of workpiece.
With the integration and development of numerical control programming technology, the scissor-type band saw machine can realize fully automatic operation, with finer sawing accuracy, higher sawing efficiency, safe and environmentally friendly operation of the saw machine. For enterprises that meet the sawing requirements, the scissor-type band saw machine is an application equipment with stable performance, low failure rate, low maintenance and repair costs, and high cost performance. Jinfeng Saw Industry produces the standard scissor-type band saw machine, At the same time, it supports customized horizontal band sawing machines, scissor band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, CNC angle band sawing machines, circular sawing machines, graphite band sawing machines and other special cutting equipment for enterprises, customized design, targeted research and development, so as to save human and material resources for enterprises and improve economic benefits.


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