Cutting characteristics of large and small wheel structure band sawing machine


The band saw machine with large and small wheel structure is deeply loved by users. The structure design is reasonable, and it is composed of large driving wheel and small passive wheel. The band saw blade has a certain high and low inclination angle. It adopts the parallel bevel cutting method, which cuts through one point to cushion the cutting resistance and speed up the sawing process. Due to the special structure design, the band saw machine with large and small wheel structure can save the saw blade more in the sawing work, and the saw blade is more durable, which further saves materials and materials for enterprises, Cost savings.
The production efficiency of large and small wheel structure band sawing machines for square pipes, square solid workpiece and irregular shaped workpiece has been significantly improved. Because of the small cutting area and small resistance, the sawing is smoother and smoother. Take GZ4230, GZ4240 and GZ4250 large and small wheel structure band sawing machines as examples. The band sawing machines support semi-automatic and full-automatic dual-mode control. Wonsten aims to help enterprises solve different production needs of differentiation and diversification, Support the customization of high-efficiency equipment such as large and small wheel band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, graphite band sawing machines, CNC angle band sawing machines, circular sawing machines, etc. for various enterprises. To ensure the quality and performance of customized equipment, various components such as guide rails, electrical components, hydraulic components, band sawing blades, etc. are high-quality products of well-known brands at home and abroad. Our company is unique in the field of “non-standard customized band sawing machines”, With mass customization cases and leading high-tech production technology, it provides one-to-one technical support and perfect after-sales service for purchasing enterprises. At the same time, you are welcome to visit our company for on-site trial cutting, and feel the sawing differences between sawing machines of different structures.


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