Graphite band sawing machine CNC cutting advantages


The CNC graphite band saw machine is used to cut various non-metallic materials, superhard materials, brittle materials, corrosive materials, etc., such as graphite, carbon, jade, electrode, monocrystalline silicon, glass, crucible, ceramics, etc. The CNC system of the graphite band saw machine can be semi-automatic and fully automatic dual-mode switching operation, and can set one or more groups of sawing parameters. The sawing process requires no human intervention, and can replace three times the working efficiency of the ordinary sawing machine, It is suitable for enterprises that need mass production and continuous cutting.
The CNC graphite band sawing machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic clamping, intelligent detection, automatic cutting, automatic cleaning and other efficient cycle operation through the cooperation of numerical control programming, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic pressure. The human-machine interface of the CNC graphite band sawing machine has digital setting, indicator light, display equipment status at any time, operation indication, parameter setting, etc. The CNC graphite band sawing machine is controlled by PLC programmable, and the feeding is accurately controlled by grating ruler during sawing, Cooperate with the intelligent system to monitor the cutting process and control the speed and feed rate of the saw blade, the system has high positioning accuracy, length error<0.30mm, and the service life of the band saw blade has been improved by 50%.
CNC graphite band sawing machines can be divided into horizontal and vertical ones. Horizontal graphite band sawing machines are used for sectioning and vertical graphite band sawing machines are used for slicing. Large vertical band sawing machines are more suitable for sawing large workpieces. If there are special sawing requirements, Wonsten supports the customized design of graphite band sawing machines for enterprises. Our company is a unique manufacturer of large-scale graphite sawing machines in China, with advanced technology and full experience, If you have customization requirements, you can consult with Jinfeng technicians in detail to explain the workpiece material, shape, size, cutting efficiency requirements, and mass production requirements. We will recommend the appropriate graphite band saw configuration according to your actual situation and provide one-to-one professional technical support.


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