CNC band sawing machine, choose as needed


CNC horizontal band sawing machine, CNC vertical band sawing machine, CNC graphite band sawing machine, CNC Angle band sawing machine and other high efficiency sawing equipment, suitable for enterprise mass production continuous cutting needs, because of the liberation of manpower, more safety and environmental protection, production efficiency and other advantages of the deep trust of users at home and abroad, CNC band sawing machine to achieve automatic high precision detection and fast cutting. It can adjust speed automatically according to the change of resistance in the cutting, maintain the good state of the band saw, improve the service life of the band saw, and prevent the sawing failure caused by improper manual operation in the past.

CNC band sawing machine has strong power, low failure rate, one person can operate multiple equipment synchronous work, CNC band sawing machine can adjust set sawing parameters for different materials of the workpiece, more efficient completion of more targeted material sawing, reduce raw material loss, eliminate material waste, has brought a wide range of applicability for many forms of production needs.

Sometimes the cutting efficiency of CNC band saw machine can not meet the needs of enterprises, at this time many enterprises will choose customized CNC band saw machine, Wonsten is unique in the field of non-standard customization, master mature production and development technology, mass customization case experience, is committed to the quality of equipment better than industry standards, wonsten With strict quality control and leading scientific and technological innovation at home and abroad to establish a solid influence, for enterprises oriented research and development of CNC band sawing machine more targeted, higher production efficiency, to help many enterprises to solve the problem of sawing, to meet the needs of various kinds of differentiation sawing.


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