Different structures of metal band sawing machines


The band sawing machine can be divided into horizontal sawing machine and vertical sawing machine according to the structure, and its main difference is the processing requirements of the processing object, and the sawing material is suitable for what kind of sawing machine structure. In the daily sawing process, the horizontal structure is applicable to many metal cutting with smaller specifications, while the vertical structure often saws some large workpieces. Therefore, the customer must select reasonably when sawing.
Moreover, whether the sawing machine is of horizontal or vertical structure, its working state and sawing effect mainly determine which equipment the customer purchases and uses for sawing processing, and the configuration of the equipment is also one of them. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of band sawing machines, the equipment produced by Wonsten has scientific and reasonable design, stable sawing performance, and high cost performance, which brings customers a good sawing experience.


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