G51100/75 High speed vertical metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


Main technical parameters:

1, the maximum sawing specifications: effective cutting height: 1000mm/ throat depth :750mm

2, band saw blade specification: 6700×41× 1.3mm

3, band saw blade speed: up to 1640m/min (frequency conversion speed regulation)

4, cutting feed speed: the robot holds the workpiece feed

5, the machine input power supply voltage: AC 380V 50Hz

6, the main motor power: ≥15kW

7. Cooling mode: oil mist cooling

8. Chip removal method: chip collection board to collect flying chips to the maximum extent

9. Saw blade tensioning mode: floating hydraulic tensioning, pressure sensor detects the tensioning force of saw blade, to ensure that the tensioning force is constant and effective when cutting at high speed.

10, saw blade guide system: automatic lifting, to adapt to different sawing conditions servo motor control

11, cooling tank volume: 5L

Performance characteristics:

1, the main drive system of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is composed of the main motor, the spindle, the driving wheel from the driven wheel, etc., the spindle and the driving wheel are directly connected, the transmission is stable, no impact.

2, the speed is adjusted by frequency converter to meet the sawing of different materials.

3, saw frame is a bow structure, saw frame plate using high quality steel plate, through reasonable reinforcement group welding, so as to ensure the stability of the saw frame.

4. The servo motor control of the sliding guide system on the saw blade can automatically rise and fall to adapt to different sawing conditions. The top and side of the guide seat are equipped with the saw back wheel covering rubber wheel to ensure the stability of the guide and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

5. The saw blade adopts floating hydraulic tension when working, and the tension force of the saw blade is detected by the pressure sensor to ensure that the tension force of the saw blade is constant and effective when cutting at high speed.

6. The machine is cooled by oil mist.

7, line reserved interface, the robot control system unified control saw belt start, stop cooling start and stop.

8, compressed air purging, according to the shape of the workpiece arranged blowing point; Manually adjust the throttle valve to control the compressed air flow.

9. Equipped with lubrication system.


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