Component Programming of CNC metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


CNC metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is a high-precision and efficient sawing equipment trusted by enterprises. The sawing efficiency of this series of equipment is 50% higher than before. The life of sawing machine and saw blade can avoid unnecessary damage under the protection of intelligent computing. The operation is more simple and flexible. One person can operate multiple sawing machines.
Customized programming is adopted for CNC band sawing machine. With more accurate CNC technology, the development of customized programming can be well implemented, the accuracy can be reduced, and the waste of materials can be eliminated. Customized programming ability also establishes the incomparable practicality of CNC band sawing machine. The choice of CNC band sawing machine not only saves manpower and material resources, but also greatly improves production efficiency.
Components of CNC band sawing machine:
1. The base, bed, column, saw beam and transmission system are intelligently welded by the manipulator to ensure stability, uniformity and consistency beyond the artificial limit.
2. PLC control, intelligent man-machine interface, easy to operate and learn.
3. The sawing beam lifting, workpiece clamping and turning are completed under the control of electrical appliances.
4. Corrosion resistant and wear-resistant coating ensures the durability of parts.
5. It can be controlled automatically or manually to meet the sawing requirements for workpieces of different materials.
6. The feeding accuracy is controlled with the grating ruler as the core.
7. The computer monitors the sawing process, controls the speed and feed speed of the saw blade, avoids violent sawing and damage to the bed, and extends the service life of the saw blade and the saw machine.
8. Lubrication system. The oil shall be changed after one month of use and every 3-6 months thereafter.


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