How to prevent the saw blade cutting inclined easily


In the process of operation, slant is a common problem in the process of operating the band saw machine to cut the material. What aspects should we solve the slant of the saw blade when sawing?

Each piece of saw blade serrations is a knife, so whether the serrations are sharp determines the results of the cutting, when the serrations have the naked eye can be detected dull, sawing will occur when the oblique situation, or a harsh scream. Can be immediately unloaded to see whether the sawtooth is stupid, generally related to the technical proficiency of the operator, the maximum may be clamping is not in place, see whether the saw blade is vertical with the table, guide block is clamped, saw when the band saw blade is labled unstable leading to the sawtooth labled side received too much wear, resulting in the saw cutting oblique.

If after checking is not the cause of the band saw blade, then check whether metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw speed regulating valve is out of control, hydraulic system failure causes such as saw frame is not stable, if the failure of band sawing machine or operator can appear improper clamping saw blade saw blade dithering phenomenon, oblique cutting occurs, if the sawing machine malfunction should be timely report and factory technical personnel to solve in detail.

Most saw long diagonal is related to the improper operation personnel, after installed new blade should check them carefully and adjust to the appropriate tension, each a new band saw blade is installed should first slow feed to get up to speed, if do not adjust, oblique cutting excessive vibration of the workpiece surface or rough, even happen collapse teeth, broken belt, and so on and so forth. It also reduces the service life of the saw blade.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the storage and maintenance of the band saw blade, should be stored in a dry environment, prevent rust corrosion, not foot, not stacked, not the saw blade should be flat or hanging up; When the sawtooth is not sharp, it must be stopped in time, unloaded to sharpen before use, to prevent waste of materials.


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