Fault of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw caused by tight sliding sleeve and treatment measures


In order to keep the horizontal metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw in good running condition, it is necessary to do regular and irregular maintenance of the machine. Good maintenance of the body can ensure the best efficiency of the machine.

Common faults of horizontal band saw machine due to tight sliding sleeve are as follows:

1. The band saw machine will not rise after cutting due to the tight sliding sleeve, and then stop; The sliding sleeve of the sawing machine does not rise after tightening down; The sliding sleeve of the sawing machine has poor reliability; There is trachoma on the sliding sleeve, and oil leakage from the small hole, falling instability, resulting in the sawing instability.

Two, the band saw machine bed due to sliding sleeve failure of the treatment measures:

Check whether the band saw sliding sleeve is qualified; Confirm the size of the sliding sleeve of the band saw machine is appropriate; Finally confirm whether the sliding sleeve of band saw machine is suitable before use; When in use, do not force the sliding sleeve tight into, to avoid secondary maintenance, to timely replacement and notify the manufacturer to solve; When hitting into the copper sleeve of the sawing machine, be careful not to hit the deviation.


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