Composition of copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


Main components of copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line: feeding mechanism, screw and its transmission mechanism, inner groove shell sleeve (commonly known as screw sleeve), material flow restrictor (commonly known as die head), and material flow cutting device (also known as cutting mechanism). Hot extrusion process characteristics of aluminum profile extruder: 1. Hot extrusion is an extrusion forming technology early adopted in several extrusion processes. It performs various extrusion forming on metals at hot forging temperature with the help of the characteristics of good material plasticity. It is widely used to produce tubes and profiles of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals, belonging to the scope of metallurgical industry. 2) Hot extrusion characteristics: 1 The extrusion process is relatively simple, one-time extrusion forming, less processing procedures (only six types of equipment are required to complete the finished work of profiles), and the production efficiency is relatively stable. 2. save raw materials and machining time. 3. the extruded products are of good quality and high precision. 4. the extrusion force is small, and products with high strength and large size can be extruded. As the name suggests, the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is mainly a machine for extruding aluminum. In 2018, a frame type extrusion structure was newly developed. Compared with the old extrusion rate before, the extrusion rate increased by 3-5 times. The profile output can be extruded by about 12 tons in 12 hours.


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