Structure and feeding mechanism of copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

extrusion press machine plant line is the primary equipment for manufacturing light aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy profile, alloy copper and aluminum magnesium alloy) tubes, rods and aluminum profiles. Its occurrence and development trend is just more than a new century, but great changes have taken place. From a few trillion cattle manual hydraulic press, the development trend has become a 200 trillion broadband cattle automatic hydraulic press. The variety of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines has also been greatly increased. The capacity and total number of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines reflect the production and manufacturing technology strength of a company. An aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line has the capacity, total number, manufacturing capacity and equipment level, which reflects the industrial production level. The aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line consists of three major parts: mechanical equipment, hydraulic press and electrical equipment.
The mechanical equipment is composed of a base, a prestressed steel frame supporting column, a front bearing beam, a theme movable bearing beam, an X-shaped guiding extrusion cylinder seat, an extrusion shaft, a ingot supply organization, a finished product separation shear, a rolling die seat, etc. The hydraulic transmission system is mainly composed of master cylinder, side cylinder, clamping cylinder, hole breaking cylinder, large space directional piston pump quantitative pump, hydraulic push rod ratio servo valve (or electro-hydraulic proportion regulating valve), phase sensor, oil pipe, oil tank and various hydraulic machine power switches.
Part of the electrical equipment consists of key distribution cabinets, worktables, PLC programmable controllers, industrial control machines and display screens.
There are two types of feeding components of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, horizontal type and vertical type. Both of them are equipped with a silo for conveying and storing the raw materials to be extruded and transporting them to the screw rod. In order to better ensure the smooth flow of raw materials and prevent “arching”, add a stirrer in the silo or select a spacious discharge port, which will help the organization maintain a continuous and symmetrical feeding condition. It is very important for feeding tissue to maintain symmetrical feeding. Because, in order to ensure that the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line has appropriate functional effects, and to ensure that the quality of extruded material has uniform product conditions, the uninterrupted and symmetrical feeding is an indispensable and necessary condition for all normal work of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line.


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