The usage of the barrel of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and the way of its hopper

The barrel is an important part of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line .The barrel cooperates with the screw. The barrel contains the screw, and the screw rolls in the barrel. When the screw rotates to propel the materials to move forward in the barrel, heat is transmitted to the materials in the barrel by the external heating of the barrel. In addition, the volume of the screw thread on the screw is gradually reduced, so that the materials in the thread groove are evenly mixed after being kneaded, overturned and sheared by various forces, and then gradually melt together with the materials moving towards the front of the barrel to form a viscous flow state. The structural methods of the hopper used for feeding the barrel of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line are the general hopper, the forced feeding hopper and the oscillating feeding hopper. Generally, the hopper with simple structure and low cost is mostly used in small extruders to feed the barrel. The feeding method of this hopper is to fall into the machine barrel freely depending on the weight of the granular material itself. Forced hopper feeding is mostly used in large aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines. The screw is driven and rotated by the motor after being decelerated by the worm gear. A tension spring at the upper end exerts certain pressure on the screw to press the material into the barrel when the screw rolls. When the barrel is full, the reverse pressure of the pressed material will jack up the screw and stop the barrel feeding. When there is no material in the barrel, the screw is pressed down by the tension spring and rotates continuously to feed the barrel. This forced feeding method avoids the occurrence of
The phenomenon of “bridging” can ensure that the hopper continuously supplies materials for the machine and the extruder continuously supplies materials for production. The structure of the oscillating feeding hopper is relatively simple, except that an electromagnetic oscillator is added to the general hopper. When feeding is required in the barrel, the oscillator is started to make the hopper vibrate in the horizontal direction, and the material in the hopper overcomes the friction resistance with the hopper wall and between materials, and slides in the vibration and enters the barrel. In the large aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, the structure of the barrel can be composed of several sections, so the length of each section of the barrel is reduced, which brings convenience to the machining of the barrel. The outer casing of the machine barrel can be cast from ordinary steel to reach the intention of lowering the manufacturing cost of the machine barrel.


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