Which metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is suitable for you?


According to enterprise’s demand for production efficiency and cutting different materials to choose appropriate metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw and the band saw blade, we as band sawing machine band saw blade manufacturer, you first need to purchaser should choose a band sawing machine if problems, consider how to guarantee you play to the largest band sawing machine for cutting effect, to give the purchaser detail band sawing machine equipment performance, Reasonable to help you choose a suitable for their own enterprise band saw machine.

So how should we choose the right band saw machine?

Intelligent high-speed band sawing machine:

It is obvious that the intelligent high-speed band saw machine has intelligent control system, which is suitable for batch production and continuous cutting. High-precision cutting can greatly improve production efficiency while saving materials for enterprises. Intelligent detection speed regulation can ensure the service life of the band saw blade, avoid the material loss caused by improper operation of workers in the past, saw cutting power is more powerful.

Horizontal and vertical band sawing machine:

Horizontal band saw machine and vertical band saw machine have semi-automatic and manual operation performance, different models of the design structure is different, cutting large materials and cutting small workpiece models need to choose according to the different cutting materials.

Angle band sawing machine:

The clamping table can move forward and backward after fixing the workpiece, and the saw frame can rotate 0-45° or 0-60° in the forward direction. It can cut various round pipes, rectangular pipes, Angle steel and so on with Angle requirements, and can also customize the jade cutting band saw machine.

High speed metal circular saw machine:

High steel body structure, one key start, dialogue touch input simple operation, specially designed for pipe and bar precision cutting design, TCT super hard saw blade and HSS high speed steel saw blade, active swing feeding to avoid material surface damage, improve the feeding accuracy, can cut various metal materials at high speed.


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