Sawing machine family favorite – intelligent high speed metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


The development of manufacturing industry takes the independent innovation of science and technology, intelligent high speed metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is greatly increase the production efficiency, is the trend of The Times, the products saw industry technical team constantly innovation, patent products, the company a new generation of intelligent high speed band sawing machine to create specialization, “new” in shandong province, jinan “green factory” title of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

Intelligent high-speed band sawing machine is controlled by PLC, color touch screen can be set up operation – consecutively group or several groups of data, the characteristics of simple and flexible and easy operation, sawing machine in the process of operation, can automatically adjust the current size of cutting material hard points, on the one hand, to save the consumption of saw blade, on the other hand to reduce energy consumption, save the cost of raw materials and artificial cost, The efficiency of labor production has been greatly improved.

Innovative advantages of intelligent high-speed band sawing machine:

1, suitable for mass production continuous cutting, saving time and labor.

2. The program can automatically detect the change of force in the process to change the sawing speed of the sawing machine, and can also be regulated freely from the operating table, so as to avoid violent sawing affecting the service life of the saw blade, which is conducive to energy saving and material saving.

3, there are automatic and semi-automatic choice, the grating ruler as the core of the feeding control system can achieve accurate feeding length, high precision sawing, for you to bring greater benefits.

4, steel brush chip cleaning, cooling and saw blade guide device configuration, and optional spiral chip removal device.


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