What to do if the saw frame of metal band sawing machine cannot rise


In the process of using the metal band sawing machine, have you also encountered the situation that the saw frame cannot rise or fall flexibly? Next, let’s see what the problem is with Jin Feng.
First, we should check whether the contact switch is in good condition, and then check whether the hydraulic oil tank of the metal band sawing machine is short of oil; Check and adjust the relief valve of band sawing machine to make the working hydraulic pressure return to normal; Check the solenoid valve and hydraulic pipeline for oil leakage.
Sometimes, because air enters the oil cylinder of the sawing machine, the hydraulic oil cylinder of the band sawing machine is piston type, and the oil pump will be damaged or cannot reach the normal hydraulic state after entering the air. This is also a good solution. The operator of the band sawing machine only needs to loosen the screw at the top of the oil cylinder of the sawing machine, turn on the oil pump, press the up and down buttons, and then tighten the screw after the gas in the oil cylinder is exhausted. If there is no screw at the top of the oil cylinder of the band sawing machine, open one of the oil return circuits to make the oil pump work and discharge the gas.


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