How to select saw blade for cutting graphite materials?


Due to the special graphite material, the industry usually uses emery band saw blade to cut such materials. The emery band saw blade is specialized in cutting graphite materials, which is one of the super hard materials known at present. The emery band saw blade made of metallurgical technology combined with emery and steel can cut various non-metallic materials, super hard materials, fragile materials, corrosive materials, etc.
The emery band saw blade is equipped with a variety of sizes and specifications, which can be customized according to customer needs and the size of the graphite band saw machine, so as to ensure that the emery band saw blade can be suitable for sawing materials of various sizes. Because the emery band saw blade is hard enough, the speed of sawing graphite materials is faster, the control is better, and it has excellent durability and fatigue resistance, making it more accurate and smooth, Diamond abrasive band saw blade is an ideal high-efficiency equipment for sawing and processing graphite, carbon, electrode, glass, ceramics, crucible and other materials, which is conducive to improving the production efficiency of enterprises and reducing material consumption.
Jinfeng Saw Industry is committed to innovative production of high-speed sawing, intelligent sawing and economic sawing. The quality of our emery band saw blades requires zero defects in every detail. The emery band saw blades, carbide band saw blades, bimetal band saw blades, etc. produced by our company all have quality quality far beyond the industry standard. Please firmly believe that Jinfeng Saw Industry has procurement demand for graphite band saw machines and emery band saw blades, Our company can provide you with a large number of use cases of metal band sawing machines, graphite band sawing machines and emery band sawing blades. If you have special sawing needs, we can tailor appropriate sawing equipment for you. At the same time, we welcome you to come to the site for field inspection and debugging.


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