What is the structure of the cold rolling mill


The current cold rolling mill equipment is a new type of cold rolled steel processing equipment. The machine can process the round of hot-rolled wire rod and hot-rolled steel coil into cold-rolled grooved reinforcement, and finish the cold-rolled ribbed reinforcement rolled by the cold rolling mill. It is a new generation of cold drawn low-carbon steel wire in prestressed concrete components. In the molded concrete structure, it is a better kind of similar cold-rolled steel, If speed adjustment is not required in the rolling process of the cold rolling mill, A-number motor can be used.

If speed regulation is required in the rolling process of the cold rolling mill, DC motor can be used to cool and expand the finished equipment that looks like spiral reinforcement. In the rolling process of cold rolled grooved reinforcement, the cold rolling equipment can deal with the meridional and latitudinal directions of the base metal at the same time, and improve the resistance on the premise of maintaining balance. The structure of the central part of the original part is relatively stable, At the same time, it still retains sufficient elongation performance, so the geometric parameters and four material indexes can be safely applied.

It can save steel and reduce construction prices. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings. The gantry double horizontal movable cold rolling mill is composed of two active cold rolling mills. The two factories are installed in the same way and structure. The main part of the transmission is in the engine structure and reduce the cardan shaft cold rolling mill. The two rolling mills are horizontal rolling mills, the rollers are installed horizontally, and the cold rolling mill adopts gantry arch, The roller ring is placed on the main axis of the roller, and the main shaft bearing and the end of the roller are installed on the inner mounting bench for adjustment.

The roll is horizontally arranged in the middle of the bench, and the upper roll and the lower roll are installed in the same way to reduce the flattened raw materials of the mill, extrude the crescent on both sides of the corrugated steel strip through the forming machine in two steps, and the guide screw is twisted and adjusted to obtain a rolling part curled with the elliptical sheet. In two steps, the cold rolling machine rotates 90 °, It is used to produce finished reinforcement.


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