What basic matters need to be done in the process of pipe bending machine


The economical CNC pipe bending machines applied in China are basically domestic products. Domestic products can meet the needs of most pipe bending machine users in terms of quality and reliability. About 60% ~ 70% of the popular CNC pipe bending machines in China are domestic products, but it should be pointed out that about 80% of these domestic CNC pipe bending machines are using foreign products. In terms of high-grade pipe bending machines, domestic products can only account for about 2%, which are basically imported. In terms of market demand, low-grade pipe bending machines and medium-grade pipe bending machines account for about 50% and 40% respectively, and the demand for high-grade CNC pipe bending machines is about 10%. So what basic matters need to be done in the process of pipe bending machine? Taiwan and experts tell you:
(1) Reduce the roughness of the outer wall of the workpiece
The roughness of the outer wall of the workpiece is related to the surface roughness of the ring groove on the wheel of the pipe bending machine, as well as the nature and quality of the pipe. In order to make the workpiece look smoother after machining, during the machining process, as long as the surface of the ring groove on the wheel is coated with appropriate lubricating oil, so as to reduce the friction between the surfaces in contact during operation, so as to ensure that the roughness of the outer wall of the curved metal pipe can meet the requirements of the index.
(2) Accuracy of pipe section shape
The shape accuracy of pipe section depends on the assembly accuracy of pipe bending machine and the shape accuracy of ring groove on processing wheel and anti deformation wheel. As long as the operator ensures the position accuracy of the two annular grooves on the assembled pipe bending machine and retains sufficient size allowance according to the principle of material elastic-plastic deformation, a relatively high accuracy of pipe section shape can be obtained.
(3) Error limit to ensure the bending arc length of pipes
According to the design drawing of the workpiece, the bending arc length of the metal pipe should be controlled within the accuracy range specified in the drawing.
In recent years, the pipe bending machine has been more and more widely used in the processing of fine pipe fittings, which puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy of the pipe bending machine. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to this problem.


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