What is the advantage of the pipe bending machine for CNC machine tools


Our CNC pipe bending machine adopts CNC numerical control system, which is equipped on our full-automatic pipe bender machine tool, which makes our pipe bender machine more intelligent and digital. This system is believed to be familiar to the CNC industry, with stable performance and convenient program operation. This is the more advantageous aspect of our fully automatic pipe bender and CNC machine tools. Now fully automatic is becoming more and more popular. In the current market, the hydraulic pipe bender will be eliminated in the near future. Up. The automatic pipe bender machine tool controls the coordinate values ​​X, Y, Z. The working values ​​Y, B, C, we use the latest popular CNC system Mitsubishi CNC system, and the bending arm bending motor uses Mitsubishi servo motor. But we believe that as long as we grasp every step, we must strictly manage the technical process and operation process. Have a good grasp of the quality of processed parts. Soon CNC equipment will be our main development route. Therefore, in recent years, our company has paid more attention to CNC pipe benders and fully automatic pipe benders. This is a way of the future. For the full automatic equipment technology maturity of the CNC interface of the CNC system of the fully automatic pipe bender, it has not yet reached The technological maturity of our hydraulic pipe bender and semi-automatic pipe bender.


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