Application of the new CNC system of the pipe bending machine


The CNC pipe bending machine has a modular, open, flexible and unified structure, provides a visual interface and network integration functions, has multi-channel and multi-CNC axis functions, and is suitable for all processes. In addition, high-end hardware such as ultra-high-speed processors using the latest chip technology and optical fiber transmission technology have been applied in the new CNC system, greatly improving the performance of the CNC system. Many customers worry about buying a CNC pipe bender, the automatic program will not be done, and then they will need to ask specialists to come and operate it, which is very troublesome. But now we don’t need this equipment anymore, as long as you have a little computer foundation, you can master the operation well without the need for professionals. The most important thing is that the CNC system it carries is more compatible, and the operation interface of the system is very good. Input word document type input, as well as program type input, you only need to program it on your computer, use U disk, or link to wireless network to transmit efficiently. Very aspect operation. Today’s mechanical processing and pipe processing tend to be high-precision, multi-variety, small-batch, low-cost, short-period and complex processing. Compound processing is an important technological development direction of CNC machine tools. The composite function enables CNC machine tools and pipe bending pipe bending machines to significantly increase the production speed of finished workpieces, which can greatly eliminate the transportation, clamping and waiting time during the processing of the hashing process, greatly shorten the processing cycle and reduce the processing workshop The number of work in progress. The workpiece is clamped and positioned only once on the machine tool, which not only reduces the processing auxiliary time, but also improves the processing accuracy of the workpiece. CNC pipe bender machine This pipe bender has and realizes the communication functions of voice, graphics, video and text. Through the sharing of network information, the production planning and scheduling department can monitor the working status and processing progress of the pipe bending machine in real time, transfer shared information to other users of network information, observe the processing process, make statistical reports, track production progress, and view faults on the network. Alarm, online diagnosis and help troubleshooting.


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