Ways to improve the quality of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


To improve the quality of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, we can start from the following aspects:
1. When working in front of the mold machine, it must be grinded and polished. Generally, it is required to grind and polish the mold shell to the mirror glass. When installing the mold shell, the flatness shall be checked before flatness. The quality of nitriding determines the smoothness of polishing to a certain extent. The mold cavity must be cleaned with high-pressure gas and its brush, and there shall be no dust or residue dirt. Otherwise, it is easy to bruise the working belt under the impetus of the flow of metal materials, so that the extruded aluminum profile products have the disadvantages of thick surface or drawing lines.
2. During extrusion molding production and manufacturing, the heat insulation time of the die shell is generally about 2-3 hours, but it can not exceed 8 hours. Otherwise, the strength of the nitrided layer in the die shell will be reduced, resulting in non wear resistance during operation, resulting in unsmooth surface of the aluminum profile, and more serious defects such as line drawing.
3. Select appropriate acid treatment (boiling mold). After demoulding, when the mold shell temperature is higher than 500 ℃, if edible alkali is infiltrated immediately, because the temperature of edible alkali is much lower than that of mold shell. If the mold shell temperature drops rapidly, the mold shell is easy to crack. The appropriate method is to put the mold shell in the air at 100 ° – 150 ° C after demoulding, and then infiltrate the edible alkali.
4. Improve the extrusion process. Scientific research should be carried out to increase the service life of die shells, and rational use of die shells for production and manufacturing is a level that can not be ignored. Because the working standard of extrusion die is extremely extreme, effective countermeasures must be adopted to ensure the mechanical characteristics of die shell in extrusion production and manufacturing.
5. In the early stage of die shell application, it is necessary to carry out effective surface high-frequency quenching treatment for die shell. The solution of surface high-frequency quenching can further improve the surface strength of the die shell on the premise of maintaining good ductility, so as to reduce the thermal damage caused by the application of the die shell. It must be noted that the high-frequency quenching of the surface layer can not be carried out at one time. During the active service period of the mold shell, it must be carried out for 3-4 times. Generally, the thickness of the high-frequency quenching layer is 0.15mm up and down.
6. The compressive strength from low to high and then to low is selected for the application of mold shell. When the mold shell has just entered the service period, the internal metal material mechanism characteristics are still in the fluctuation link. During this period, the work plan scheme with low compressive strength should be selected to connect the mold shell to the stable period.
7. The application and maintenance records of strong die shells in the extrusion production process, and improve the tracking records, archives and management methods of each die shell. The extrusion die is damaged from the factory engineering acceptance to the completion of die shell application, which takes a short time, many months, or more than a year. For the most part, the application record of die shell also describes each whole process of aluminum profile production and manufacturing.
8. Select the appropriate extruder to carry out production and manufacturing. Before carrying out extrusion production and manufacturing, it is necessary to carry out sufficient calculation on the cross section of aluminum profile, according to the complexity of aluminum profile cross section, wall thickness size and extrusion forming index λ To determine the size of the extruded on-board cargo volume.
9. The cross section of the gold aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line itself is diverse, and the aluminum extrusion industry has developed to the present, aluminum alloy profiles have the key advantages of light weight and good compressive strength. At this stage, aluminum alloy profiles have long been used in many fields to replace the original raw materials. Because of the uniqueness of some aluminum profiles, the die shell is very difficult to design and manufacture because of the unique cross-section of aluminum profiles.
10. Effectively select ingot and heating temperature. The aluminum alloy composition of extruded ingots should be strictly controlled. At this stage, the general company stipulates that the casting grain size shall meet the first-class specification, so as to improve the plastic deformation and reduce the anisotropy.


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