Three small problems that often occur in the operation of China aluminum extrusion machine


It is normal for some minor problems to occur when the aluminum extruder produces aluminum profiles. All we can do is to deal with these problems properly. Today, the Italian beauty editor sorted out three common problems to see if there are any problems that bother you. Don’t say too much. Look at the content!

Three small problems that often occur in the work of aluminum extruders

1. Why is the power supply blocked when the aluminum extruder starts?

When you use the aluminum extruder, you will encounter power congestion, so don’t worry, sometimes because the motor is overweight, try to reset the contactor, check the start button and power cord failure, check the motor or other electrical components.

2. Why did the aluminum extruder change color when it was operating normally?

When the aluminum extruder is operating normally, because the surface of the high-temperature aluminum ingot will react with the oxygen in the air, the aluminum ingot will have some lighter color. This is a normal reaction, but the profile that comes out will not become lighter.

3. What is the reason for the low pressure of the aluminum extruder?

During the extrusion process, the size of the extrusion pressure is affected by factors such as deformation resistance, processing rate, billet length, die angle, extrusion speed, friction standard, and extrusion cylinder temperature. First, determine whether there is a problem with the hydraulic pump. If not, check the speed regulating valve, tighten the pressure regulating hand wheel, manually press the speed regulating valve core to see if there is pressure, and the pressure needs to be set to 21Mpa.


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