Three feeding modes of band saw machine


Companies cutting workpiece is different, choose the band sawing machine model is different also, metal band sawing machine, CNC band sawing machine, lie, vertical band sawing machine are equipped with different transmission functions, such as all kinds of band saw machine for cutting work, need to move the workpiece after appropriate position under the band saw blade for cutting, look at the below of all kinds of band saw machine run at feeding ways!

1. Manual feeding

Ordinary metal band sawing machine manual to, need to band sawing machine operators measuring well before sawing sawing position, and then manually place and adjust the workpiece, put to the right start cutting after cutting position, ordinary band sawing machine manual feeding freely adjust the required cutting length of artifacts, this kind of band sawing machine can most of the common metal workpieces.

2, CNC automatic feeding

CNC band sawing machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic detection, automatic sawing, just in the numerical control on the interface of band sawing machine set up one or more groups of sawing parameters, subsequent CNC band sawing machine hydraulic oil cylinder clamping, raster ruler as the core of automatic measuring feeding length, feeding frequency band sawing machine drive system, CNC band saw sawing stability without human intervention, and can ensure the cutting precision, Numerical control band saw machine can avoid material loss, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, is the ideal equipment for mass production, numerical control band saw machine is also widely used in the industry because of its advantages.

3. Mechanical transmission feeding

Mechanical transmission feed based on band sawing machine motor, reducer, chain wheel, chain drive the feed roller, feeding operation, return button to the workpiece material sent to the location, band sawing machine mechanical transmission feed is suitable for the cutting accuracy is not high, no mass production requirements of large workpieces, common in large vertical band sawing machine, large graphite cut sawing machine and other equipment, Enterprises for large workpiece sawing, special sawing needs and other situations need to explain to professional and technical personnel, technical personnel will recommend the right type of band saw machine for you, and support customized band saw machine for enterprises.


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