How to prolong the service life of graphite band sawing machine


Graphite band sawing machine band sawing machine, high speed graphite, graphite cut sawing machine, CNC graphite sawing machine is designed for cutting such as graphite and carbon materials research and development, aiming at this kind of workpiece sawing effect is good, high accuracy, high speed, large bearing weight, can be fully automatic cutting, is the ideal graphite sawing equipment, tailor graphite band sawing machine and support for the enterprise, Graphite band saw machine needs to pay attention to correct operation and careful maintenance, in order to bring efficient processing and production for a long time for enterprises, the following Jin Feng Xiaobian provides you with how to effectively extend the life of graphite band saw machine.

1. Correct operation and maintenance of personnel

The operator shall check and adjust all parts of the graphite band saw machine according to the operation instructions, check the oil circuit and cutting fluid of the graphite band saw machine every day, scrub and maintain the hydraulic and transmission system of the graphite band saw machine before work every day, and tighten the bolts and nuts connecting all parts of the graphite band saw machine.

2. Use high-quality band saw blades

Most procurement chamber of commerce to choose emery used match with graphite band sawing machine band saw blade, cut emery band saw blade special graphite materials, due to the nature of emery is very hard, when sawing graphite artifacts speed, high precision, easy to control, has excellent durability and fatigue resistance, is conducive to improve production efficiency, reduce material loss.

3, the importance of cutting fluid state

The cutting fluid is used to reduce the friction between the saw blade and the workpiece, increase the cutting efficiency of the graphite band saw machine, help cooling and chip removal, and improve the smoothness of the workpiece cutting surface. If the cutting fluid is insufficient or not used in the operation of the graphite band saw machine, it will cause serious friction and heat between the parts of the graphite band saw machine and the band saw blade, which will affect or even damage the band saw machine and the band saw blade, and affect the service life. The appropriate ratio of cutting fluid for graphite band sawing machine is carbon steel 10:1 diluted with clean water and tap water.


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