There are generally three main driving methods for pipe bending machines


With the development of modern technology and the improvement of industrial level, high performance pipe bending machines such as CNC pipe bending machine and three-dimensional hydraulic pipe bending machine have been discussed. There are three main driving methods for these high level pipe bending machines: motor drive, hydraulic drive and motor hydraulic hybrid drive.
1. Motor drive
Today, in modern industry, the power source of most institutions and equipment is driven by motors, which provide power for the basic actions of the entire equipment. There are many methods for motor power supply, such as gear, rack, CAM, connecting rod and other mechanisms can be driven by the motor, and the pipe bending machine that meets the requirements can be designed according to the situation.
2, hydraulic drive
With the continuous development of industrial technology, hydraulic transmission technology is one of the most rapidly developing technologies in mechanical equipment, especially in recent years has entered a new stage of development. Hydraulic transmission control system is widely used in all walks of life. It has the advantages of large transmission power, high control precision, fast response speed and easy to realize the integrated control of motor fluid. The hydraulic pipe bending machine is a new type of pipe bending mechanism with reasonable structure, convenient operation, complete use, fast loading and unloading, and multi-purpose.
3, motor hydraulic hybrid drive
Although the hydraulic bending pipe has the advantages of large transmission power, high control accuracy and fast response speed, there are also some shortcomings, such as excessive operator action, low production power, large machine loss, short service life, many operators, large labor costs, and high product costs. Therefore, in the further discussion, it is suggested to use the motor hydraulic hybrid drive, so that the Z reasonable drive method can reduce the production cost, improve the production power and improve the processing accuracy.


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