The future market positioning of automatic production line and automatic loading and unloading machine of pipe bending machine


The development of pipeline processing industry and automation industry is getting closer and closer. In today’s era of automation and numerical control, if the speed is not enough, it means that it must be eliminated. Therefore, the development of hydraulic pipe bending machines has reached a stable level. At its peak, we looked at the future of the automation market in the pipeline processing industry. The core software of the future pipe bending machine will be the era of numerical control. With the progress and development of science and technology, CNC control is gradually withdrawn. System.

Of course, the CNC microcomputer control panel developed at present has been widely used in the bending machine, and the performance is stable. As a result, we have also replaced and upgraded piping equipment such as pipe cutting machines, metal circular saws and pipe shrinking machines. Although this time did not break through the era of the numerical control revolution, the improvement of the push-button no-display control method is also an improvement.

The intelligent manufacturing equipment industry mainly includes pipe bending production line, automatic loading and unloading CNC bending machine, automatic loading and unloading pipe shrinking machine, automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine and other pipe processing production line equipment, as well as intelligent development. Pipeline processing machinery and equipment. With our company CNC bending machine, hydraulic automatic bending machine, automatic pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe end forming machine market mature. In order to improve the automation level of CNC pipe bending machine equipment, servo driven automatic loading and unloading production line is adopted. Realized the small copper pipe, multi-bending R-radius pipe, automatic loading and unloading of pipe bender, automatic bending machine, automatic loading and unloading of pipe bender, unmanned workshop of pipe bender, automatic loading and unloading of pipe shrink machine, automatic loading and unloading of pipe cutting machine, automatic loading and unloading of block bar machine, automatic loading of push bending machine, automatic loading of hole punching machine, automatic loading of arc punching machine, automatic loading of round machine, automatic loading of chamfer machine and deburring machine Move the feed. With the increasing number of automatic loading and unloading equipment, the enterprise labor force is further liberated, and automation and intelligence will accompany the entire process of various manufacturing and data control in the enterprise.

With the rapid development of information technology and manufacturing technology, the promotion of automation and intelligent manufacturing equipment has been steadily promoted. In 2010, the sales revenue of industrial automation control systems and instruments, pipe bending machines, CNC pipe bending machines, metal circular saw machines, pipe shrinking machines and CNC machine tools and other parts intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exceeded 300 billion yuan. However, there are still some problems in China’s intelligent manufacturing equipment industry: the ability of technological innovation is weak, and core technologies such as new sensing and control still cannot become assets; The automation industry is small in scale, weak in foundation, special sensors, intelligent instruments, etc. Among them, the market share of automation control systems, numerical control systems and robots is less than 5%.

As China’s policy support for intelligent equipment manufacturing continues to increase, the future of China’s intelligent manufacturing and the two integration of the two will be further expanded the market size can reach trillions of yuan. In the next few years, the average annual growth rate of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry and pipe bending machine automation equipment is expected to exceed 20%. It is expected that by 2025, the scale of intelligent equipment manufacturing will reach trillions of yuan, by 2025, the market share of domestic intelligent equipment and intelligent equipment will exceed 60%, who first layout who has the market, now the general managers and chairmen of various enterprises, to set out the layout of the next 10 years, 15 years, 20 years of product pattern and production pattern, Anyone who despises intelligent equipment and does not have automatic production lines and automatic production capacity within the enterprise is bound to be eliminated by the market.


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